Emma's is your neighborhood place to play slots and video poker

At Emma’s, we are committed to delivering quality entertainment to busy adults interested in comfortable and inviting atmosphere, quality choices in food and drink selection, as well as Illinois’ most exciting slot and video poker machines.


We understand that finding time to unwind from work-related timelines and projects can be quite challenging. After all, many working adults have very little time remaining for sitting down to eat a full meal or sticking to full nights of sleep. At Emma’s, we strive to make unwinding from the daily hustle and bustle easier by offering convenient locations, friendly atmosphere, and impressive décor. Our distinctive take on slot and video poker gaming experience is also complete with complimentary gourmet tea and coffee. We also offer a selection of satisfying food choices as well as beer and wine to help you make your experience at Emma’s the best it can be. Visit one of our locations today and bring a friend to join in the fun.


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